The Zine Scene

Uncle Flymo's Magic Elixir - If you have yet to pick up a copy, I suggest you head on over to Karma Rags on the Flying Monkey Arts floor of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment this Wednesday at 12 on the dot and get yourself a copy! Several Copies! Mail them to your friends! They're only one plain old very simple dollar!

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Synchronicities and Secrets

This blog post reaches you a day late, but let me explain. I was at a super-secret wonderfully creative meeting last night that I can’t tell you about just yet! You’ve got to believe me! I was craving my keyboard but alas, I was out late plotting and scheming amazing things for the future of Out Loud HSV and spoken word and creative collaborations and the next chapters! You believe me, don’t you?

Good. Now, I absolutely hate half-heartedness in all of my work, so I do feel completely guilty not giving you a well-rounded, fully formed thought in these blog posts. But then, I realized it is super Tuesday and this ish will probably get lost in your Facebook feed in an instant with all the hype of taking down Voldermort by voting for Dumbledore.

So I leave you as quickly as I started, with a fun synchronicity of videos that were next to each other in my newsfeed and how I started my day. I hope you push hate further away than the moon, beyond the furthest reaches of the furthest galaxies, today and all days.


Honoring Black History Month

As spoken word artists and creators and humans we need to be creating space for conversations to grow, and not just ones that feature our own voices. Each February I try to take Black History Month as a reminder of how I should live throughout the year - to check my privilege, listen to the stories of others, and realize that I have so much more to learn always. There are so many voices out there that don't get heard or seen they way they should. We own it to our communities to give space for these voices to be heard and to grow and to inspire new conversations. So I just want to use this space to recommend ten videos of astounding contemporary poets of color that I admire, in no particular order, and let these poets speak for themselves.

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