Greetings From The Tiny Weirdo Who Hosts Out Loud!

Hi there! Welcome to the website! Kimberly here, the spoken word addict who created Out Loud HSV. It's nice to see you! Or, it's nice to be read by you! 

With the new year I wanted to really step up to the plate in expanding Out Loud HSV in several ways, one of them being a website. And look! Here it is! It's been a journey to get this done, but I I appreciate the community support and advice I have received along the way. I also created a newsletter that will go out monthly, detailing the events that will be going on that month. (subscribe below - I promise I wont spam you!) And we are starting poetry slams this month, and releasing an anthology!! Seems like a whole lot of new things, but I can promise you, this is only the beginning. I have HUGE dreams for what Out Loud will become, and I am so grateful for you lovely people who have helped me get it to where it is today.

I can't remember the first time I creatively wrote, but I very distinctly remember the first time I got up in front of a microphone, and read my work aloud.  It was so nerve racking, and my palms were dripping sweat onto my shaking paper. I thought I was going to throw up, or pass out, or both. But thankfully, I didn't. I grit my teeth and just did it. I was liberated. I felt something unlock inside of me, revealing a new aspect of self, and I've been exploring that ever since. Out Loud HSV is my attempt to give that platform to others, to be able to have their own liberating experiences. To those that have participated up to now, I thank you for your bravery in sharing, and I can't wait to hear more. To those new to our group, I invite you to give it a shot at the next open mic. We are here to support and encourage. We clap a lot, and hug a lot, and value each other.

This blog will be another avenue to support and grow our literary community. I plan to post videos or poems I find inspiring, writing prompts that may help us get out of creative road blocks, events or workshops going on in surrounding areas, and more. I plan to share a bit more about my personal projects, in the hopes of motivating and inspiring others. Currently, I am attempting a poem a day, for a year. This was my New Year's resolution, and I feel insane for taking it on, but also excited and curious at what it will bring out. 

I also want this to be a place for others to share, so if you want to guest blog, please let me know what you are looking to write about and we will set up a time. I hope to post something here every week, so keep on coming back!

Thanks for taking this journey with me. I couldn't do it without your support.