The Zine Scene

Hey! I didn't write a blog post last week, get off my back about it, would ya? That's because I was putting extra time into helping complete this magical thing called Uncle Flymo's Magic Elixir!

If you have yet to pick up a copy, I suggest you head on over to Karma Rags on the Flying Monkey Arts floor of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment this Wednesday at 12 on the dot and get yourself a copy! Several copies! Mail them to your friends! They're only one plain old very simple dollar!

I have been a part of literary magazines before, but never before had I taken such a role in the cut-paste-copy culture of zine making. I had the pleasure of working with some of my best friends in the world, and we had no rules or restrictions. Just good ol' fashioned literary and visual arts fun!

There's poetry! There's art! There's articles! There's SO MANY STICKERS! But more than the amazing content that this zine produced, I am so happy with the hands that went into making this all happen. This was a truly community run project, where many folks took strong roles doing the things they loved in order to create a complete piece with so many different amazing elements. We met, we wrote, we copied, folded, stapled and glued. We laughed a shit load. I think you can feel that when you pick up a copy. I think it's contagious.

We will aim to put this out seasonally, so stay tuned for more Magic Elixir. And because this blog project is turning into a place for me to put my huge hearts overflowing gratitude, let me say thank you to Uncle Cheryl, Tom, Anna Sue, KJFB, Superstar Shea, The Roberts Bobby & Pedro, and you, yes you, for reading and supporting and being so vital to our community. DIY lives in Huntsville. Fuck yes.