Learning to Lean

First things first – I’m going to be published in the next issue of Hypertrophic Literary! I am so grateful for everything Lynsey and Jeremy are doing for the local literary scene with Hypertrophic Press. Everything they are putting out is high quality, engaging, and beautiful. They pair art perfectly with their content, creating a seamless layout and design that represents them well. So that being said, I am thrilled to be a part of the magazine. Get a copy at Hypertrophicpress.com!

I really appreciate all that Lynsey and Jeremy are doing for Out Loud as well. There are a lot of amazing things in the works that I hope to be announcing soon, and it’s becoming more than I can handle on my own. As a prideful person, it’s tough for me to admit I can’t do it all, though I want everything that is happening with this group to be done well. So in order to do that, I needed to learn to lean on others.

I know I have an amazing community here that would step up to any challenge, but I also faced difficulty in not wanting people to feel obligated to me or the group and in turn overextending themselves. I overthink everything. I know that. But I know I am spread really thin, and I don’t want to be the reason another person spreads themselves too thin.

But I am learning to let go of control, and not micromanage. And I am so proud and grateful for the results. People are happy stepping up, taking on bigger roles, and getting chances to exercise their creativity. And I have to trust that people will be able to say no if they don’t have the time to dedicate, just like I am learning to say when enough is enough.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not taking a step back. That’s far from the case. But Out Loud is GROWING! I’m so excited! I’ll announce more specifics soon, but I just wanted to take the time here to acknowledge the folks that have been helping me wrap my head around everything and move forward. So Lynsey, Jeremy, Shea, Robert, Fitzpatrick, Kristy, Tom & Cheryl – thank you for helping me. Thank you for helping literary arts and spoken word grow in Huntsville. And to everyone who attends these events, listens to me dream, creates and shares – thank you. You are also part of this. This is amazing. We are on the road to great things.