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Out Loud HSV Slam Team

Interested in being on the 2019 Out Loud HSV slam team? Here's how to get involved, and what happens if you make the team.

First, how we form the team. Starting in January our slams will turn tournament style. The first two slams (January 27 & February 10)  are preliminary bouts. Interested slammers are able to participate in one preliminary bout, to give everyone an opportunity to compete. There will be 12 spots in each preliminary slam. Preliminaries are 3 elimination rounds, 3 minute time limits per each round. Regular slam rules still apply (no props, no costume, must be your own original work, etc. for a full outline of our slam rules, click here.) In those preliminary bouts we will still have a winner for the night, but the TOP 6 poets advance to our Finals on February 24th in the Flying Monkey Theater, 2211 Seminole Drive, Huntsville AL.

On Finals night, it will also be three elimination rounds with three minute time limits. Our top 5 poet that night will be our 2019 slam team!

That brings us to what being on a slam team entails. Most importantly, it means coming together with a group of writers to dig deep into this amazing art form and learn how we can improve! It also means committing to weekly practices, writing group pieces with your team, learning to perform as a group, and seeking out performance opportunities. If you are a member of the team, you must be able to commit to a regular practice schedule, and must perform with the team at chosen competitions and the team feature here at Out Loud HSV. IF you are unable to maintain your commitment to the team, we will pull either the 6th place poet from the Finals slam OR the coach will fill your spot. The 2019 Slam Team will be coached by Kimberly Casey.

Are you down? Are you ready? Are you practicing your poems right now? I know I am! 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments, and of course please share our events on all your social media platforms to help us drum up more interest. We want the best of the best, the passionate powerful people, the poets of Huntsville, and that means YOU!!