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Out Loud Academy: Vision, Voice, and Vigor

Join instructor Josh Baker for this special Out Loud Academy class titled “Vision, Voice, Vigor: Navigating Your Narrative”

Learning you is learning your art. As we delve deeper into our craft, developing a greater knowledge of our art lies in developing a greater knowledge of ourselves. Stylistically, we often become a smorgasbord of our favorite things. The poems we've heard. The poems we've read. The poems we've lived. Through several writing and performance exercises rooted in isolating and understanding the novel nature and integrity of your voice, this workshop will challenge you to be accountable to your work. Every time we dilute our voice in an attempt to mirror another, we foster in a disservice to not only our audience but ourselves. In this workshop, you will learn how both yelling and whispering a poem can hold the same power.

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Out Loud Academy offers in depth educational programming for writers of all skill levels and styles to enjoy. Sign up for the full semester or take individual classes as they suit your needs and schedule! This comprehensive programming lets your learn from a variety of different instructors to hone your craft and explore new areas of literary arts. Classes will be held in the Out Loud HSV Studio # 263, 2211 Seminole Drive Huntsville AL.