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Pretty Mouth Poetry Workshop: Talk Pretty

Pretty Mouth Workshops are a series of activity based workshops that establish and stimulate the intellectual dexterities needed (comprehension, ideation, and public speaking) to write and perform poetry more effectively. All workshops are taught by Elijah Bean, a seasoned poet and storyteller holding a BA in Theater Performance from The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) and an MFA in Poetry from Columbia University (New York City).

Talk Pretty - A performance workshop designed to efficiently extrapolate potential performative nuances in poetry and prose for the purpose of sharing them aloud more effectively. We will discuss post-composition considerations, inflection, pitch, speed, and general public speaking techniques. We will also evaluate slam poets, musicians, storytellers, public speakers, and comedians to develop personal stylistic voices when sharing original work. Minimal requirements: a willingness to write on command, read aloud, and give/receive candid critiques.

Tuition: $30 per workshop or $50 for both workshops (The Generator and Talk Pretty). Seating is limited, reserve your space today!